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JDrama Review: Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi

The Plot:
Reiji Samejima (Satoshi Ohno) is a 34-years-old bachelor and the president of Samejima Hotels. He is arrogant, stubborn, hard to please and socially inept. His employees find him unlikeable. Plus, he fires employees for one misstep. But when he falls in love with Misaki Shibayama (Haru), a new employee, he begins to change.  He attempts to woo her with the support of his secretary, Maiko Muroaki (Eiko Koike), and his driver, Katsunori Ishigami (Tetta Sugimoto).

Additional Cast:
Nozomu Kotaki, Kazuki Kitamura, Fumika Shimizu, Tomomi Maruyama, Hiroki Miyake, Ryo Nishihori

My Thoughts:
  This drama was a light romantic comedy with a predictable plot. You can probably tell how it’s going to end before you even start watching. While I enjoyed it as something simple to pass time, I wouldn’t re-watch it. There just wasn’t enough happening outside of the relationship between Misaki and Reiji. What made this drama entertaining were Reiji’s mishaps and triumphs on his love journey. Most times, Reiji’s antics were extreme and gave me sooo much second-hand embarrassment. Yet they were funny and I was laughing while face-palming myself.

  There was overacting from the cast but I didn’t mind it since the role of the supporting cast was comedy. It definitely suited Reiji’s character. Reiji also had a child-like, adorable side which made me want to squish him. For me, Misaki was a little bland. I didn’t feel emotionally connected to her. I didn’t feel chemistry between Misaki and Reiji either. They had their cute moments but some romantic moments felt slightly awkward to me. It wasn't anything too jarring though.

  Reiji’s character was well developed. I understood the motivation for his actions and how he became the person he was. The situations in the drama allowed him to grow as a person and he learned how to express unconditional love. His love interest, Misaki, should have been fleshed out earlier in the drama. In the early episodes, there were hardly any scenes with her outside of interactions with Reiji. Her character’s backstory was mostly a mystery then. Perhaps I didn’t feel connected to her because I didn’t really understand her in the beginning. While she changes throughout the show, her changes were not as significant as Reiji’s.
  The story would have benefitted from adding depth to some of the supporting characters. They were one-dimensional and did not have any personal growth. The writers did give Muraoki a backstory but something more would have been appreciated. Even so, Muraoki was my favourite character just for her facial expressions when dealing with Reiji. I also loved how she and Ishigami were Reiji’s cheerleaders. They watched over him and were genuine in their affection towards him. The role of Reiji’s rival, Wada (Kazuki Kitamura) was interesting as well.

  This drama is not outstanding but it is amusing enough to give a couple laughs. I would recommend this if you love romantic comedies or you are a fan of Ohno or you want to watch something that is not mentally taxing or you are simply curious about the Reiji’s antics throughout the drama. Trust me, his behaviour will surprise you.

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